Pawz Rubber Boots

PAWZ Rubber Boots
PAWZ disposable rubber boots for your dog are our favorite boots. These best selling boots fit great and protect your dog's paws year round! Going out for a walk can be rough on your dog's paws any time of the year!

They have to stand up to everything, from searing hot pavement to hazardous ice and snow. Not to mention all the bacteria and “stuff” that gets tracked into your home! That’s why it’s smart to slip on a set of PawZ Rubber Dog Boots whenever you and your best friend step out the door.

Winter can be brutal on your dog’s sensitive paws. PawZ waterproof boots protect them against ice, snow, salt and ice-melting chemicals while preventing dry, cracked, chapped pads. These boots won’t slow you down, because they slip on and off with ease.

In the summer, PawZ rubber boots act as a barrier against scorching pavement and searing sand. When the air temperature is 86° F outside, the asphalt temperature can be 135°!

*We carry black boots only in all sizes*

Colors can be special ordered by calling 1-800-266-1118


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