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We are your one stop shop for the perfect dog collar, dog leash, and dog harness. Depending upon your size dog it is important that every dog has a collar, lead or harness. We don't ever want to lose these special gifts. The dog collar is used for many purposes like from fashion, control, or identification. The advantage of a dog harness is that allows for distribution of force which may prevent choking and a chance of slipping out our of the pet harness. Now you need the dog leash to match. The lead is not just a tool to keep your with you but it is also great training tool to establish a relationship between you and your dog. Please view our the finest selection of designer dog collars, dog leashes, dog leads, and dog harnesses. Whether you are looking for a Swarovski crystal leather dog collar, a chic leather step in harness, a sporty ribbon collar, or even a "bling bling" retractable leash, you will find the best selection of stylish, designer dog collars here. Shop all of your favorite brands including Poochee, Bella Bean, Juicy Couture, Up Country, and many more!