Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser

Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser
Gulpy Portable Pet Water Bottle - now available in 2 sizes for small or large pets! This compact, portable water bottle keeps pets supplied with fresh water on the go. Ideal for walks, hikes, car rides, camping, and trips to the beach. Gulpy pet water bottle has an exclusive flip open/flip close design. Automatically seals when nested. The easy-to-use, handheld design includes a plastic water bottle, dispenser tray, and cover. Simply snap the bottle upright into the tray and squeeze the bottle to dispense water into the tray for your dog or cat to drink. Our portable water bottle also includes a convenient belt clip. The bottle folds into the tray for easy portability. Assorted colors: Yellow, Blue, or Green.

Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser Available in 2 sizes:

Small Gulpy (10 oz.) for small dogs
Large Gulpy (20 oz.) for larger dogs.


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