Polkadog's Stocking Stuffer

Polkadog's Stocking Stuffer

Bocce's Bakery Biscuits from our collection of gourmet dog biscuits and dog treats. Bocce's Bakery biscuits and dog treats feature premium ingredients and no artificial anything. All Bocce's treats are wheat-free and baked in small batches with fresh USA, human grade ingredients.

Beef Bourguignon - Ingredients: Organic Rye Flour, Hormone- free Beef, Carrots, Parsley..that's it!

These chicken dog treats taste so good, your pup will think he’s caught a real bird! Perfect for rewarding Santa's Little Helper, Chicken Little Stocking Stuffers are hand-made daily at Polka Dog in Boston, Massachusetts, with locally-sourced American chicken blended with brown rice flour and dehydrated. Even picky eaters go mad for these wheat-free morsels, which makes them great for both training and casual rewards.

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