Faux Fur Dog Blankets - Ice Bear

Ice Bear Faux Fur Dog Blanket

Ice Bear Faux Fur Dog Blanket and Mat by Tiger Dreamz. These soft and luxurious pet mats are a must have for every dog owner. Tiger Dreamz blankets can be used inside a carrier, crate, on top of furniture, or on the floor in any room.
Tiger Dreamz Luxury Pet Beds are so very soft and luxurious. These best selling dog blankets are created to mimic the feel, beauty, and softness of real fur. This is why pets naturally gravitate to them and sleep wherever you lay the bed down. Dogs and cats, even other pets, love these blankets!

Blanket Measures: 24" x 19"

***Designed to fit most popular crates***

Tiger Dreamz products are machine washable in warm or cool water, but
Air or line dry to keep the faux fur soft and beautiful.

Available in 10 amazing colors!


    Ice Bear

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